The Comprehensive Olduvai Database Initiative

Until now there has been no database we know of, electronic or otherwise, for any of the material collected prior to the 1990s from Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania. Knowledge of what specimens exist and where they are currently located has been available primarily through anecdotal “insider-information.”

Consequently, the full scientific potential of Olduvai is unrealized because there is no central clearing house that manages and synthesizes this knowledge and history. This is problematic for both science and heritage management. A comprehensive database is the essential first step towards the proper integration of these extensive collections, and the key to future research.

CODI represents the first attempt to build such a database.  We are relying on published records as well as knowledge from paleontologists to help us compile as much information as possible about this collection.

This is a community effort.

We know that CODI is incomplete… we need your help to improve it.  If you have information about the existence and/or whereabouts of any vertebrate fossil material from Olduvai Gorge, please write and let us know about it!

Thank you.