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IMPORTANT NOTE: We have maintained the originally published taxonomic designation for each specimen despite the fact that many of these specimens have been reclassified since.  We chose to follow this protocol because of the difficulty in keeping up to date with all of the taxonomic groups, and our hesitancy to make a judgement call on taxonomic debates.  As such, please search the database with this in mind, perhaps using higher level taxonomic classifications for your query.

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7924 specimens found
Image Spec # CODI Database ID Arch. Locality Geo. Locality Elements Preserved Excavation Date Repository Bed Level Stratigraphic Horizon Bibliographic Information Curatorial Notes ID By ID Date Research Team In Situ Sediment or Matrix Adhering Class Order Suborder Infraorder Superfamily Family Subfamily Tribe Genus Species Subspecies Taxonomic Notes Taxonomic Problems
1952 BK II 353 1814 10 - BK R-RAD-f 1952 122 - National Museum and House of Culture, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania II Gentry, A. W. 1967. Pelorovis oldowayensis Reck, an extinct bovid from East Africa: British Museum. pp. 245-299 137 - A. Gentry 264 - Leakey family expedition Unknown Mammalia Artiodactyla Ruminantia Bovoidea Bovidae Bovinae Bovini Pelorovis oldowayensis No
731 6574 33 - SWK CRHL, EPHL, R-HYHL 1952 104 - Unknown II, III Greenwood, P., and Todd, E. 1970. Fish remains from Olduvai. In: Fossil Vertebrates of Africa,vol. 2 New York: Academic Press. pp. 225-241. 151 - Greenwood and Todd Unknown Actinopterygii Siluriformes Clariidae Clarias sp. No
COP-12-82 9666 VER 126 - Mary Leakey Camp, Antiquities Station Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania -- 157 - L. Hlusko 2013/06/22 254 - COP Unknown Reptilia Squamata No
OVPP-551 9922 M 126 - Mary Leakey Camp, Antiquities Station Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania I Lower Sand about 1.5m below Tuff IA. -- 157 - L. Hlusko 2013/06/30 253 - OVPP No Mammalia Perissodactyla Hippomorpha Equidae No